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So Many Happy Clients

Highly likely to recommend To whom it may concern,

If you are looking for a real estate agent Kimberly Doner is your lady for you. She sold our house in 1 day getting more than what we asked. She is extremely professional, personable, and detailed oriented. She staged our home to sell using a dynamic team consisting of not just her but a professional stager and photographer as well. Her sales results speak for herself. You won't be disappointed.
Joe & Cathy D'Amato

5 star rating

Kim was everything you could ask for in a realtor. She was very knowledgeable and responsive for our entire transaction. She utilized social media as well as traditional advertising to try and maximize exposure of our home. Since we were out of state while selling the home, she made all document signings smooth by the use of DocuSign. Additionally, since she lives in the neighborhood, she was able to assess our home against all comps, identifying our strengths and weaknesses of our property. We would definitely recommend her to any friends who are selling or buying.

Darryl K.
5 star rating

We recently purchased a property in South Redondo, but live out of state.  From the first interaction with Kim, we knew we were in great hands.  Kim quickly engaged in our pursuit of a second home and did not stop until we were completely satisfied.  Kim is very knowledgeable and approaches the   relationship as a true partnership. She understands the goals of the client and executes--whether through active listening or connecting us with  professionals in other areas that could assist in the process.  Kim continues to be a resource for improvements to the home.  I highly recommend using Kim if you have an interest in purchasing in the South Bay area. She is a true professional!

Matt M.
5 star rating

Kim was fabulous!  She was knowledgable on every aspect of selling our home.  She kept me informed on every detail. She always answered my questions quickly and professionally. She was helpful in supplying sources for staging, photos, moving, and all the other resources one might need. I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Everyone should be as lucky as I was to find such a competent and professional realtor.

Donna W.

Highly likely to recommend Hello potential buyer(s),
First of all congratulations on your future home! From our experience, we know that Kimberly Doner is an amazing realtor that will be the best choice for you. Before we picked Kim as our realtor, we talked to two other realtors that we’re also popular picks in the area. However, after assessing, we knew without a doubt that Kim was the most knowledgeable and qualified out of all our picks. And even though she knew we were still deciding on which realtor to pick when we first talked to her, she still gave us her time, knowledge and went above and beyond what we expected. She is patient, informative, and logical and the list goes on. She has a great team that is always readily prepared with any information or sources. Everyone is very pleasant and it was such a great experience working with her. She always responded so quickly, always took her time over the phone to explain things to us and always texted back instantly. We don’t know how she does it. She will get the job done and she will do so having you as her priority. She has a connection for anything so you don’t ever have to worry about finding a trustworthy person that will do the job right. We will definitely, without a doubt, recommend her to whoever we know that wants to buy or sell a home. We could not have found a better home, Oliver has so much fun running around our giant backyard! Thank you Kim Doner for helping us attain our amazing home.
Stephanie, Ryan & Ollie

5 star rating

It has been such a pleasure working with Kimberly Doner!  

My husband and I were referred to her by a mutual friend because she had expertise in the South Bay Area - specifically Torrance, CA.  Because she has local knowledge, she was able to show us homes in areas with great schools and amenities   for parents of young children.  Furthermore, she is very knowledgeable and professional in all dealings and was able to assist us - first-time home buyers - through the process of buying a house.  

Kimberly's negotiation skills are excellent.  She was able to negotiate on our behalf with the seller so that we received the best deal possible.

Lastly, her team at Keller Williams was incredible and patient with us throughout the process.  Her associate, Alan Butler, was our right-hand man as well.  In fact, he took the time to film a video of the house for us that we eventually bought prior to us seeing it for the first time.  

I would highly recommend Kimberly for more than the above mentioned qualities!  It has been a pleasure working with her and connecting with her!

Meghan V.
5 star rating

I cannot say enough positive comments to describe our experience with Kimberly. After interviewing 3 Realtors from 3 different companies, our choice was clear, Kimberly made a great impression from the beginning, knowledgeable, caring, respectful and great ideas to make our experience smooth, easy   going, with the ultimate goal of maximizing our selling price, which I have to say, was Record Setting for our area. She made us feel confident in her ability from day one, so we listened and went with her ideas, which ultimately brought us the results we could only hope for.  Thank you so much Kimberly for everything, we truly enjoyed working with you and would refer you to anybody looking to sell there home.
All the Best,
Robert and Sandra

Robert Z.
5 star rating

I have been a vendor in the real estate industry for 25 years. I have met and worked with literally thousands of Realtors over that period. Kimberly always seems to have the happiest clients. This is due to the kind and professional way she treats each one of them.

Any agent can show you a home for sale but, there are only a handful that go that extra mile to ensure their clients total happiness. Kimberly is one of those few.

Michael B.
5 star rating

I don't even know where to start. 10 Years ago, my husband found Kim and was interested in selling our home in Torrance to get off a busy street. She showed him countless other homes and he decided not to sell at that time. Kim had continued to show us homes throughout the last 10 years and never once pushed us.

Earlier this year, my husband and I found a home we thought we loved and decided to let the listing agent of that house be our buyers agent so we could get an additional discount. I let Kim know and she showed such class. She let us know she was still here for us still with anything we needed. We knew inside the house we were going to buy wasn't right for us so we backed out and called Kim. She harbored no ill-will and GOT TO WORK.

About 2 months ago, Kim found a house that checked all of our boxes for what our family needed. She quickly got our old house ready to sell and handled all the vendors and scheduling HERSELF. This took the burden off my husband and I and this was just what we needed.

All in all, Kim got us NINE OFFERS over asking. NINE. It closed 7 days after the house that we purchased. Kim's timeline for not having us pay two mortgages and getting us out of our old house couldn't have turned out better. She had a plan and NAILED it.

Oh, and her assistant Lauren? She can be as professional as needed, show up at any time needed for vendors, give great recommendations and even play hide and seek with my toddlers when they start to loose their mind with all this Real Estate stuff. She, too, wears many hats.

We will forever live in our dream house... thanks to Kim Doner!

Lia R.

Highly likely to recommend Kim gave us a great first-time home buying experience in 2012 and she delivered once again when we purchased our second home this month. She helped us buy in our desired neighborhood where listings are scarce and homes are snatched up within days they hit the market. In this competitive environment, Kim was also able to get us our purchase price under asking! We definitely recommend Kim to anyone looking for a trustworthy realtor who looks out for your best interests.

5 star rating

My previous experience with real estate was a very poor advised purchase over 8 years ago that ended in a short sale.  Having said that I have been very wary of the whole industry.  

I was referred to Kimberly about 6 years ago to help me find a rental in Redondo Beach.  Kimberly went out of her way to show me the property that would only be a rental.  

A few years later she helped me purchase a condo in Torrance.  She made the process seamless and efficient.  3 years later we needed to sell this condo, and Kimberly again stepped up to help us.  I was at a point in time where I did not have much time to spare, and she basically said to trust her and she would make it very easy for me.  
And that she did.  She was patient and polite when I did not always respond in the timely manner.  She made the process very simple for me and I put all my trust in her experience. With her professionalism and knowledge, I knew this would be a very manageable sale.  We had multiple offers within a few days of putting the condo on the market and ultimately closed in 30 days way over the asking price. She is extremely organized, patient and always available for questions and clarification.

In the right hands I have regained my faith in the real estate market. I will be using Kimberly soon to help me purchase a home for me and my family.   I highly recommend Kimberly in any real estate transactions you may need.

Alexandra B.
5 star rating

We met Kim when we had interest in purchasing a home in Torrance. From the beginning Kim was with us every step of the way. We always felt comfortable asking any question and she always took her time answering and ensuring we understood. We had to pull out of the market for about a year but Kim still kept us in the loop until we were ready to start the search again. This time we found our new home!!! Kim helped us move through the process quickly as we asked for a 30 day or less escrow. We had an international trip booked for quite some time and wanted to close before we left. Due to us leaving THE DAY WE CLOSED, Kim and her assistant Lauren, have gone above and beyond helping us with vendors while we're away and being our liaison in our absence. We cannot recommend Kim and Lauren enough. If you're looking for a seasoned realtor who know what it takes and works with your best interest in mind, look no further. We've already referred her to a close friend and undoubtedly will do so again. We not only have a realtor but also made a friend! Thank you Kim and her team!!!

Jeramy V.
5 star rating

I have worked with Kim Doner for about 5 years looking for the perfect house for us.  She never got frustrated with the length of time it took or wavered in her commitment to help us find our home.  I almost didn't go look at the house we ultimately bought because I didn't want to waste her time.  She encouraged us to come see it and helped us put together a compelling offer in terms of price, terms, financing, etc.  Once in escrow she was on top of the details and deadlines.  She gave us invaluable contacts for a handyman, landscape architect, moving company, painter, and more.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor in this area.

Holly R.
5 star rating

I can't express how strongly I recommend Kim Donor as a realtor. Long before she became my agent in the sale of my home she put together a beautiful portfolio of comps and other valuable information at no cost to me. Four years later I didn't think twice about who I would call to sell my home. Kim is a very smart,  hard-working, savvy, and personable professional.  Her goal is to make you happy.  The process of selling a home can be daunting but Kim guided me through with her endless support and expertise. She makes herself available at the drop of a hat.   Her resources are impeccable and no time was wasted as we stuck to a very tight schedule. Needless to say the house sold quickly with 20 offers and 20% over the asking price. Kim you did it!!!!  You made me very happy!   Thank you Kim!

Robin K.

Highly likely to recommend I lived out of the area where my property was sold. She knew the real estate market, was right on with value, and had the contractors/handymen to make the improvements to the property which greatly increased the value. None better!!!


Highly likely to recommend Kim Doner has been representing my wife and I since 2015. Initially we were just keeping tabs on what's going on in the market.  After we were married in 2016 we became much more serious in finding a home and raising a family.  Kim always checked in to see how we were doing. She would advise us on things to consider when starting a family, advantages/disadvantages of different homes and share her honest feedback on places we were interested in. Her priority seemed to be making sure we would be happy in the long run.

We bought a house with Kim's recommendation this year. Kim was always available, helped us every step of the way during the process and made it as painless as possible. She was constantly in contact with us and followed up to see how we were doing. She treated us more like a good friend than just an agent/client relationship. She gave us great recommendations on different resources we can work with during and after closing of escrow which has been extremely helpful. She is still reaching out and in contact with us even after close of the sale and making sure we are doing ok and happy.

We have seen multiple properties which she was representing the seller. They would have an excellent presentation and attract a ton of potential buyers. Also, Kim's knowledge of the South Bay market is unrivaled.

We have always been treated with respect and kindness by Kim and her assistant Lauren. We would not hesitate to work with them again for any future house endeavors.

5 star rating

I've sat here for over an hour trying to find the right adjectives to describe Kim, articulate our gratitude to her, and words are failing me.  Our real estate story is like so many of yours and I'm sharing just a small portion of a much larger story.

When we first started our search, we were all over the place and didn't have an agent.  I mean, we're all clearly experts in the field of real estate because we watch hours of HGTV, right?  We met Kim at a house she was selling and we immediately clicked with her.  It was her professional demeanor, knowledge of the area and genuine interest in our family that convinced us she was the agent for us. With Kim's guidance and encouragement, she helped us identify exactly what we wanted and where we wanted to be. That's no easy task when you're trying to be budget conscious in the South Bay with a very specific list of needs and wants, but she rose to the occasion.  

We thought we found "the one" a few times over the last couple of months and every time the seller accepted another offer we felt worn down and defeated. Our failed offers had nothing to do with Kim and everything to do with the 5-10 offers we were up against..several of which were cash offers.  Cash is king, right?.  However, Kim was always right there to stop the pity party we were throwing for ourselves, said the right things to cure bruised egos and encouraged us to keep searching.  In Kim's words, "the right one is out there and if it's meant to be it'll be".   Had it not been for Kim cheering us on and lifting us up when we were tired of competing against cash offers, we wouldn't have found our perfect home.  When our home popped up on the market, she was the first agent to see the house and established a genuine relationship with the sellers agent.  This home had everything on our list. We wanted this house more than any other house we saw and Kim helped us come up with a new strategy on making a strong offer.  She went above and beyond to hand deliver our offer, along with a note we wrote to the sellers, and stayed on standby until we heard the news that our offer was accepted.  This was a lightning fast process that Kim handled like the seasoned pro she is and made sure that we knew she was always available to answer any questions we had.

We will never work with another real estate agent as long as she is in the game.  Kim is smart, savvy, has a pulse on the community, and has a rolodex of vendors that makes Angie's List look like amateur hour.  Kim isn't just our real estate agent; she's a member of our family. Thank you, Kim for everything you did to help us get into our dream home.

Kalei M.

Highly likely to recommend Kimberly Doner and her energic and dedicated executive assistant Lauren Andrews make an incredible team. She worked with my wife and I on finding a suitable condo or townhouse at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. My wife and I selected her to work with after first meeting her when she was representing the seller of a property we had brief interest in… My wife researched out her online reputation and we met with her prior to getting serious in our hunt. She and Lauren worked with us on our schedule, followed our interest and were always there for us during our search. When we did get under contract with a difficult seller who was represented by a sloppy agent with minimal understanding of contract and real estate sales principles, it immediately became evident that we had made a brilliant choice in selecting Kim to work with, Kim worked diligently and went well above and beyond to make sure she smoothed out the rough stormy problems being presented by the seller and the seller’s agent. Kim stayed with use through all the little twists turns and tribulations that were unnecessarily thrown our way by a challenging seller and seller’s underwhelming agent. Kim also provided top drawer recommendations for helping us solve the glitches and made sure we ended our purchase with nothing but fond memories.

Superlatives to describe Kim that come to mind are “Excellent, Super, Super-excellent”; she is the real deal and operates with the highest level of ethics and professionalism.


Highly likely to recommend I had an extremely positive experience working with Kim Doner and her team during the recent sale of my home. I contacted Kim after seeing positive results when she represented the seller in the sale of a neighboring unit in my townhome complex. From day one, Kim was extremely responsive to my needs and requests and always seemed to be one step ahead of things throughout the entire sale process. Kim has a dedicated team working with her and also has top notch references for all services needed during the sale process. This includes references for home improvements, cleaning, moving services, home staging, and many more. Kim has a wealth of experience that was evident when she smoothly navigated the sale process and calmly guided me through the complexities of it along the way. I was also quite delighted when I found out that Kim is very savvy with social media and marketing which I believe was critical for maximizing exposure to my listing and profit at completion of the sale. I plan to continue to work with Kim during future real estate transactions and I highly recommend her to others.

5 star rating

Our experience with Kimberly and her team was nothing short of amazing!  They made the experience for us as stress-free as possible.  They found us a place in the area we wanted and under our budget! That was no easy task.  We could not believe the incredible amount of patience they had with us.  Always willing to answer our questions honestly and thoroughly and made sure we understood everything at every step in the process before, during, and even after the closing of escrow.  It was so refreshing to see that level of customer service and dedication.

We cannot thank you enough for your diligence.  

Liz and Grant

Grant U.

Highly likely to recommend Kim was AMAZING. As first time home buyers, Kim took the time to explain every step of the home buying process from start to finish. When searching for a house, Kim and her equally amazing assistant, Lauren, were proactive and incredibly responsive. They listened to critiques of houses we viewed to help us zero in on exactly what we were looking for.

The house we ended up buying received EIGHT offers. She walked us through our offer, helped us with pricing and ultimately closed the deal. But her service doesn't end there. Kim has amazing vendor contacts to ensure all quotes and services were done timely for a smooth close.

Finally, on top of being a great agent, she is lovely to work with. We could not be more grateful for the amount of care and attention she and Lauren provided during this special time in our lives.

Melissa D.
5 star rating

Kimberly Doner is one of the most professional, motivated, and smart real estate agents I've ever met. She not only knew the neighborhood like the back of her hand, but she did extensive research on the properties and was able to give us top tier advice on everything we looked at.

Once we found our dream home she helped close the sale professionally and quickly, allowing calls to answer any questions we had at any time, day or night. Her extensive knowledge on vendors to use for property inspections, handy-men, painters, cleaners, etc. etc. etc. was SO helpful. It was amazing to have a real estate agent that really cared about the process from beginning to end. We are so grateful and happy that we used Kimberly and recommend her to the fullest extent! We cannot say enough great things about this great agent!!

Kaitlin H.
5 star rating

We had someone recommend Kim to us and we couldn't be more grateful for it. She was very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly to work with. Kim always kept us informed and used her expertise to give us the best service. She always went above and beyond - nights and weekends.  She even provided us with names and resources to help out once we had our new home.  If you are buying or selling a house, look no further than Kim Doner.

Jennifer R.

Highly likely to recommend Kimberly Doner is the ONLY Real Estate agent you will ever need, and you will be extremely happy with her results. After working with her, you will never want to deal with anyone else. She sets the bar for all agents, and I can’t imagine anyone else topping her! She is very knowledgeable in her field, very pleasant to work with, and extremely competent. From start to finish, she is on the ball, working constantly to get the job done, and giving you confidence during the whole process.
My mom was getting ready to put her house up for sale, and Kim came by with her portfolio that was professionally detailed, and answered every question we could have had. My mom and I were very impressed with her the moment we met with her the first time. It was an easy choice to have her as our listing agent. Whatever expectations we had, Kim EXCEEDED all of them far more than we could ever have expected. My mom's home needed some work before putting it on the market, and I only had weekends to try and get some of the work done. I knew that doing it on my own was going to prolong putting it on the market, but Kim was able to step in and take the whole thing off my hands and place the work into the hands of very capable workers she deals with, and the house was ready to list in less than 2 weeks. Her suggestions for changes were incredibly on target and increased the value of the home while keeping the costs to fix things very low. The house sold in 1 week above asking price, and my mom and I were extremely satisfied with how smooth the process went. Since my mom had moved out of state, we weren't sure what kind of issues might arise with required signatures, however Kim and her associates made the whole process easy and a pleasure! I have never met a more competent, knowledgeable real estate agent, EVER! I HIGHLY recommend Kim for any and all real estate transactions.


Highly likely to recommend Kim and her assistant Lauren were great to work with helping my buy my first home. As a first time buyer they walked me through the whole process and I never felt overwhelmed or unprepared for the process. They were incredibly responsive and were available whenever I wanted to check out a property. We ended up getting our offer accepted on the third property which I understand is pretty good in this market. I had a planned international vacation literally days after getting the offer accepted but Kim was able to manage everything while I was away and doing all the paperwork through e-signature was a lifesaver. I would definitely recommend Kim to anyone looking for a realtor in the South Bay.


Highly likely to recommend Kim was everything you could ask for in a realtor. She was very knowledgeable and responsive for our entire transaction. She utilized social media as well as traditional advertising to try and maximize exposure of our home. Since we were out of state while selling the home, she made all document signings smooth by the use of DocuSign. Additionally, since she lives in the neighborhood, she was able to assess our home against all comps, identifying our strengths and weaknesses of our property. We would definitely recommend her to any friends who are selling or buying.

5 star rating

Kim Doner is awesome! I've worked with her on my real estate needs for over 9 years now. She has assisted me in buying, selling, leasing, and leasing out homes. I've been extremely happy with her service each and every time.

Most recently I bought a home in Manhattan Beach. I mainly live abroad now so my availibility to see and make an offer on the place was very limited. Kim was able to work quickly to not only schedule my viewing of the place, but also to get as much information as possible for me prior to making an offer. Kim has great relationships with all the local agents and was able to get me valuable information which made my offer compelling to the seller.

Once I had my offer accepted Kim was instrumental in helping me get through all the paperwork. This would have been super challenging for me since I was out of the country for most of it. Kim made it super easy for me. I'm really thankful for that.

Since I plan to rent out my newly purchased house Kim is now helping me get bids to fix up my place a bit prior to putting it out for lease.

I urge anybody to call Kim before buying or selling a home. She really goes way beyond the call of duty for her clients.

Anthony H.
5 star rating

Kim Doner's professionalism and work ethic rises above all other real estate agents I have ever dealt with in the past. Kim helped me sell my very first home and subsequently secure my next two homes.  I would highly recommend Kim for your next real estate transaction.

Steven H.
5 star rating

Kim was such a pleasure to work with! We were in a situation where we wanted to buy the home we were currently renting, and had to do so quickly. This was our first time buying a home, and Kim's professionalism and market expertise helped tremendously when putting together our offer.  Her guidance on what the typical procedures are and what to expect throughout the whole process helped relieve a great deal of the stress. We are so grateful to have had her as our agent and would definitely recommend her services!

Noreen D.
5 star rating

Kim Doner is a top-notch real estate agent.  We had the pleasure of working with her on two transactions - selling our old house and buying a new home.  With her great marketing skills, we virtually had offers on our house before it even went on the market.  Kim represented us well, effectively communicating with other agents and all the other vendors (i.e. escrow, mortgage company) involved. She was always available (24/7) to answer questions or explore concerns.  Kim kept us on track and made sure the process ran smoothly as possible.  Not one to "settle", Kim patiently stood by us as we looked at house after house for our new home.  Her persistence and excellent negotiating skills gave us the edge on the winning offer.  Kim goes above and beyond even after the sale is complete. She stays involved with the fine tunings of selling or buying a home, from repairs to home renovation.  Kim is the consummate professional, yet caring and generous friend.

S W.